Everything you need to know about wine in 100 pages for just £4.99 (UK edition). This slim paperback is aimed at wine drinkers who wouldn’t dream of reading a major reference book but want a shortcut to expertise. Jancis shares a practical, pithy distillation of her 40 years’ worth of wine experience.

The aim of this book is to share my knowledge with you and make you a self-confident wine expert in 24 hours

How much do I need to spend to get a good bottle of wine?
Which wine goes with pizza, sushi or Thai food?
What do my choices say about me?

Many of us want to know more about wine, but don’t quite know where to start. Here Jancis Robinson, the world's most trusted wine expert, makes it easy with her short, foolproof guide to the essentials.

From a whistlestop tour of regions and grapes to what terms like “full-bodied” and “nose” really mean, Jancis guides us through some basic terms; suggests some interesting alternatives to wine choices; offers tips; busts myths and ensures you will never panic when faced with a wine list or dinner party again.

A hardback version will be published in the US in September 2016.

ISBN: 978–0–141–98363–9